The Mystery of the 79,000-Bottle SweetWater Beer Heist by Lauren Steele

Late Monday night, maybe even early Tuesday morning, two loaded freight trailers disappeared from the SweetWater Brewing parking lot in Atlanta, Georgia. Though the trailers and some beer were recovered within hours, the brewery and police are baffled at why anyone would steal so much beer.

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A 66-Year-Old Climber Dies on Denali: What Went Wrong by Lauren Steele

When you’re in the remote wilderness, even the most minor illnesses and injuries can rapidly morph into matters of life and death. When a climber fell ill between 18,400 and 19,000 feet on the highest peak in North America on Tuesday, a descent to camp and a high-altitude rescue was not enough to save his life.

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Summer Checklist: Take a Ferry from Portland to Nova Scotia by Lauren Steele

"The Cat,” a high-speed ferry, officially re-opened for business on Wednesday, allowing Americans to flee the domestic eastern seaboard and be kayaking, hiking, and camping in Nova Scotia in half the time that it used to take. Last year, a different boat sailed between Portland, Maine, and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, taking a longer route. Though it was a bit cheaper to take (with fares starting at $89), time is money — as many East Coasters know all too well — and the newly christened Cat is saving travelers a lot of time.

The ferry offers daily departures at 2:30 p.m. from Portland and arrives in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, at 8:30 p.m. This schedule cuts the normal travel time down by nearly five hours, since driving the 418 miles from Portland to Nova Scotia along I-95 takes over nine hours. The new route of The Cat whittles that journey down to 185 nautical miles and just five-and-a-half hours of travel time.

One-way fares start at $107 for adults and $199 for vehicles. And since the ferry is a retired Navy vessel, there is plenty of room onboard. The boat can accommodate 750 passengers, as well as 200 cars. On board, distract yourself with food, a bar, movie lounges, a kids' play area, gift shop, and more (or, you know, the views).

Upon arrival, passengers will have access to the Atlantic Canadian province, which boasts wilderness lodges and over 62 miles of trails dotted with 29 heritage sites, lighthouses, campsites, and the best courses to hit the links. Time to start planning...

23-Year-Old Juris Silenieks Sets Fastest Half Marathon Record... In Dress Shoes by Lauren Steele

When men’s shoe brand Wolf & Shepherd tapped former Syracuse runner Juris Silenieks to set a world record for running a half marathon in dress shoes, he was instantly up for the odd challenge. “If I have no reason not to do something, I’ll do it,” he says.

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Watch Norman Reedus Talk About Wearing Makeup, Poaching Eggs, and Killing Zombies by Lauren Steele

We never questioned the manliness of the crossbow-wielding, zombie-killing man also known as Norman Reedus. But now we understand him a little bit more thanks to his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and our upcoming cover story in the July/August issue of Men's Journal.

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You've Probably Committed a Federal Crime in a National Park by Lauren Steele

The outdoors is a great place to let loose and feel free from the rules of everyday life — and our 58 national parks comprise some of the most beautiful, accessible places to get away from it all. But even the National Parks are subject to some surprisingly specific and unconventional laws. So while you plan your next backcountry adventure, keep these weird legislative edicts in mind — because no one wants to end up behind bars for not burying their poop more than three inches underground in Shenandoah National Park (yes, that’s a federal offense). And as quirky and odd as some may sound, remember these laws are in place for good reason: To keep visitors safe as they embark on their next national park adventure.

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How to Pull off a Fat Bike + Pack Rafting Adventure by Lauren Steele

Take a fat bike, add 100 pounds of climbing, rafting, and camping gear, trek into scarcely chartered territory, and you’re bound to have a hell of a time. That’s exactly what Steve Fassbinder planned for when he paired up with Specialized Bicycles to tackle a first ascent of a monster butte called “The Pinnacle” and packraft the Dirty Devil River with just a few Fatboy bikes to haul his and his crew’s gear for four days in the arid Utah desert.

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A Bionic Arm That Pushes the Boundaries of Imagination by Lauren Steele

After losing his left foot and left arm after being pulled under a train in London four years ago, biological scientist James Young underwent the process of regaining what he had lost during his accident. But instead of living the rest of his life with traditional prosthetics, Young decided to make himself bionic.

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The National Park Video We Can't Stop Watching by Lauren Steele

Thanks to the centennial this year, the national parks are getting plenty of attention. But despite the notoriety of American gems such as Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite, there are still a few underrated treasures. Badlands National Park, located in southwestern South Dakota, is one of them, and the two brothers behind the More Than Just Parks documentary project uncover its rugged allure in their latest video.

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A Helmet Camera Captures 17 Skydivers Surviving a Plane Crash by Lauren Steele

The odds of dying from a skydiving accident hovers at a 0.0007 percent chance that you won't make it, according to the United States Parachuting Association and their 2010 findings that there are an estimated 3 million jumps per year, and the fatality count is only 21. Additionally, reports show that the probability of your airplane going down is one in 11 million. So what were the odds that a group of 17 skydivers could come out of a plane crash without so much as a scratch and capture the entire event on camera?

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A 10-Minute Meditation Session for Beginners by Lauren Steele

You’ve heard that meditation is “good for you,” but the benefits are far beyond just feeling better. Meditation is the practical method for taking control of your day, your thoughts, and your anxiety – and is scientifically proven to do just that. There have been thousands of studies conducted on the benefits of taking a time out to meditate each day, which include improved learning and memory, increased grey-matter development in the brain for higher-functioning minds, increased focus, reduced stress,regulated moodsbetter decision makinghigher pain tolerances, and helps manage heart and respiratory rates.

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Life Advice From Walt Whitman by Lauren Steele

Jim Harrison and Ernest Hemingway declared their traditional, rugged takes on manliness and their general disdain for modern American culture in their writing. Turns out that Walt Whitman did too. He may be best known for his poetry, but more than a century later, he’s making headlines with a 47,000-word guide to life for men, aptly titled Manly Health and Training." 

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How to Climb Chimborazo, the Mountain That Dethroned Everest by Lauren Steele

A team of scientists and explorers at the Institute for Research and Development in France discovered that Ecuador’s 20,564-foot Volcán Chimborazo is officially the highest point on Earth. And while climbing Everest is continually becoming more controversial, Chimborazo is a peak that is more accessible and affordable. That means if it isn’t already on your mountain climbing bucket list, it should be.

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How to Get Ready for the World's Highest Triathlon by Lauren Steele

After nearly a decade of planning and seeking land-use permission, the 106-Degree West Triathlon is slated to make race history on September 10, 2016 in Colorado. Not only is it the first athletic event to be held at the Lake Dillon Reservoir, which is located near Frisco, but it is also taking the title of the highest triathlon in the world. The race got its namesake from the coordinates of the reservoir (located at 39 degrees north, 106 degrees west, and 9,016 feet in elevation), and is the first ironman to pair an outdoor swim above 9,000 feet with land legs that push participants above 10,000 feet. That’s why we got the world’s best and most iconic triathletes to share their training tips for racing at elevation.

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North Carolina Brewers Protest HB2 Law With "Don't Be Mean" Beer by Lauren Steele

Two North Carolina breweries are doing what they do best to make a difference. Ponysaurus Brewing and Mystery Brewing teamed up to create a new beer in opposition of House Bill 2, which prevents cities and counties from passing their own anti-discrimination rules and reverses Charlotte ordinance that extended rights to the LBGT community.

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Flying Off Mexico’s Highest Peak With (Almost) Zero Experience by Lauren Steele

Cedar Wright and Matt Segal are not new names in the adventure world. Both are professional climbers who have been sending it on the most difficult cliffs and crags, with more than 43 years of experience between them. But last year, they decided to become beginners again and start at square one, learning how to paraglide. The result? Wright’s new film,Fledglings, and a lot of lessons about what it means to be humble, aim high, and take a few falls.

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