Traveling Through the Most Forbidden Land in the Sahara by Lauren Steele

Michal Huniewicz is a UK software developer with a knack for photography and a penchant for visiting places most tourists wouldn’t touch. The Saharan country of Mauritania certainly qualifies as one such place. If you were to readgovernment travel warnings for the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, well, you wouldn’t go. Hazards include being murdered, kidnapped, robbed, and contracting Ebola. The country is also nearly impossible to access. “The rules for entering the country constantly change—we got our visas on whim at the airport in the capital city, Nouakchott, and virtually no paperwork was needed. But a couple of weeks earlier you could only get a visa in a consulate or embassy,” Huniewicz says.

Despite all of those hindrances, Huniewicz and his friend, Ammar, set out on a trip through Mauritania last year. Here, Huniewicz shares a few of his favorite encounters, experiences, and images including a wild ride on the world’s longest cargo train, taking shelter in an oasis, and encountering Berber cameleers.

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Watch 'New Girl' Star Jake Johnson Test Stretch Denim by Lauren Steele

In the latest Funny or Die video, 'New Girl' actor and comedian Jake Johnson took on something much scarier than the dinosaurs he was running from in Jurassic World: the sport of parkour. Johnson teamed up withAmerican Eagle Outfitters for some flip- and jump-ready stretch denim, because as he says it, "You need your apparel to be able to stretch, so you can do what you need to do... and I'd like to look handsome — so I want pants that actually look like jeans." On the day of filming, we spoke with Johnson about if those pants could hold up to his stunts, future run-ins with dinosaurs, and how he got into parkour shape. 

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What It Takes to Bike All of Colorado's Legal 14ers by Lauren Steele

Summer 2015 has been full of amazing mountaineering records and feats, from Scott Jurek setting the new Appalachian Trail record to Andrew Hamilton climbing all Colorado's 14ers in record time. Now, two mountain bikers are attempting to set records on terrain that only runners had previously tread.

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A Solo Instagram Mission on the John Muir Trail by Lauren Steele

Photographer Simone Anne really means it when she says she is “based” in the San Francisco Bay area—she’s usually traveling somewhere else. Even her bio on Instagram, where she has nearly 50,000 followers, states, “When I’m not traveling, I’m traveling.” In between trekking through the forests of Uganda photographing gorillas, soaking in the Nile; backpacking through Italy, Switzerland, France, and Spain; and checking out the food scene in Thailand, we caught up with Simone Anne to talk about her recent excursion on the John Muir trail. She soloed all 220 miles of the trail in a month, capturing her favorite moments along the way and posting them to her feed as well as hertravel blog. Here’s what she had to say about the trail, her camera, and making wanderlust-worthy Instagram shots.

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14 World Championships Anyone Can Win by Lauren Steele

Let's be realistic, no matter how hard we train, sacrifice, and suffer, none of us are going to be the best in the world at the popular sports and activities we love. Thankfully, if you can dream up a competition, there's likely already a world championship for it. So here are 14 events where with a little preparation and luck, you might be able to rise to number-one.

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Watch Andy Samberg's Latest Mockumentary by Lauren Steele

HBO has released the first full trailer for the tennis mockumentary 7 Days in Hell, which spotlights Andy Samberg and the most recent Game of Thrones star, Kit Harrington, as legendary tennis greats, battling it out for the Wimbledon title in  a match that turns out to be the longest of all time — actually 11 hours and five minutes, over the course of three days.

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Suits Just Got Way More Comfortable by Lauren Steele

Anyone who believes that style and comfort cease to coexist the minute it's time to turn out in a suit obviously hasn't worn the stretch options that brands old and new are rolling out this year. And while, yes, suits are more formal that their now more ubiquitous counterparts, fashionable sweats, designers are creating new rigs that are just as relaxed, flexible, and breathable in fabrics from cotton to linen and wool. Perfect for running through airport concourses to make a flight, and no worse for wear once you finally land. Add on that most stretch fabrics need little care (meaning fewer dry-cleaning appointments and zero wrinkles), and these looks are some of the best sets to sport this season. Here are our favorites.

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Super Bowl Sunday's Caloric Damage Control by Lauren Steele

Drank a Bud yesterday? That’ll Be 395 burpees today.  

While recent research from the independent market research firm NPD Group found that veggies are the most popular game day food for the Super Bowl, we’re betting that you didn’t just snack on celery sticks and baby carrots.

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